samedi 29 avril 2017

Preschool Update

We have had a lovely week, sharing stories from our holidays,and reconnecting with each other and the space.  The children have been revisiting past explorations and the sparks of new interests and projects are emerging.

J brought some dandelion jam that made!
Working with some new writing materials

Elaborate buildings with the Magna Tiles

Many of the children have shown an interest in clocks and watches.


Many of the children have been drawing circles and spirals, so we have begun exploring and examining these shapes.

Anne Marie showed the children pictures of Claude Monet's work, and they began a study of the color green. 

Continuing the exploration with the shades of green found in nature.


samedi 8 avril 2017

Land Art continues to inspire by Clare

Discovering the work of artists creating in the natural environment has inspired us to look for pattern and to adapt our own internal and external environments to make patterns of our own in a variety of 

mercredi 5 avril 2017

Preschool Parents Evening

A glimpse at Preschool's Parent Evening...

Le lendemain matin, les enfants ont découvert avec plaisir et surprise les créations de leurs parents!

"C'est ma maman qui a fait ça!" M.
"Oh, un dinosaure!!" N. 
"My Mama did that!" D.

What happens when the parents create the invitations for learning?

"C'est un peu petit ce château... on fait plus grand?"

Bon début de semaine à tous!